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Many poker players in the United States were devastated to hear that their favorite online poker room would be closing to the United States. Once online players heard that the UIEGA (Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act) was passed they just figured that they were not allowed to play poker in the USA anymore. Quite the contrary is true, with new poker rooms popping up on a monthly basis and new methods for eager poker players to fund there bankrolls.

The UIEGA put restrictions on financial institutions that were processing poker transactions related to online poker in the United States. Although congress was successful in putting a squeeze on the online poker community there are still many poker rooms that are accepting US players. In fact, all the UIEGA really did was clear out a lot of the lower quality poker rooms from operating in the United States paving the way for the larger poker rooms to make the necessary changes in order to operate in the United States. Many United States online poker rooms allow players to purchase chips using credit cards or third party merchant accounts such as epassporte.

Nothing has changed with the passage of the UIEGA besides the fact that poker rooms are battling to get players, and as a result offering huge incentives for players to join. If you live in the United States and want to play online poker, fear not, there are many rooms that will allow you to deposit instantly and get in the action today!

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