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Dairy Industry In East Texas

With the world today moving at such a fast pace sometimes it is nice to step back in time and relax in an atmosphere of the way things were. An East Texas vacation may be just what you need. This part of America offers it visitor a slower more relaxed lifestyle with all the feel of down home country living. If you have a passion for the outdoors and enjoy fishing, hunting, camping, shopping, and great food, then East Texas should be your next destination.

There are RV parks and campgrounds located all across the area giving you access to some of the finest fishing lakes anywhere in the country. World Class bass fishing can be found at Lake Fork, Lake Sam Rayburn, Toledo Bend Reservoir, and Lake Livingston just to name a few. Each year there are many professional bass fishing tournaments held on these lakes because of the quality and quantity of fish that are caught during each event.

Thousands of deer hunters travel from all parts of the US to try and bag a trophy buck from the many hunting leases located throughout East Texas. And, the coastal areas of Southeast Texas offer some amazing fowl hunting as well. So, whatever you hunt for look at what East Texas has to offer, I think you will be surprised.

East Texas is not only for the outdoorsmen in your family. One weekend each month Canton Texas is home to the world's largest flea market. First Monday Trade Days takes place Thursday through Sunday before the first Monday of every month. When it first started more than 100 years ago no one could have imagined it would become the event you must experience to believe! First Monday Trade Days, in Canton Texas, has over 7,000 vendors and, it has been estimated, close to 500,000 visitors each month. Its been said "If you can't find it here they don't make it". That may or may not be so, but there is a lot to choose from at the First Monday Trade Days.

This is just a small sampling of what East Texas has to offer. So, if you travel in your RV, remember snowbirds are always welcome or if a summertime family vacation is what you are planning take a look at everything East Texas offers.

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