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Dairy Goat

Fresh goat milk obtained from healthy and well-fed animals by adopting clean milk production practices at the farm level will definitely command a premium price than cow milk. It is indeed heartening to note that pasteurized goat milk sachets and bottles are decorating the shelves of super markets and health food stores in many of the European and American States.

The following are the common goat milk products available in the market

Fermented product

The popular goat milk product available in the market is a fermented type. A special fermented beverage prepared from the milk by standardizing it to 2% fat and 10.5% SNF using concentrated goat skim milk is very popular in the EU and US. It is usually fortified with Vitamin A and Vitamin D and labeled as protein fortified low fat goat milk.

Ice cream

Goat milk can be successfully used in the preparation of ice cream. Since it is sold at a higher price than that of cow milk, the ice cream prepared using former is considered as premium one.

Infant foods and Milk substitutes

The infant foods and milk substitutes prepared by using goat milk is very popular in United States and South Africa. It is available in the form of spray dried and evaporated form especially targeted at infants.


Another product that is equally popular is goat milk yoghurt. The goaty odour is not carried over to the finished product. Another advantage is that there is no wheying off defect when stored at 4C as in the case of cow milk yoghurt without homogenization.


The cheese varieties commonly prepared from goat milk include semi hard and soft varieties. The cheese made from the caprine milk are known for their desirable sharp flavour due to the presence of higher concentration of medium chain fatty acids. In many states of European Union, the goat milk cheese is marketed as premium quality.

Trials have been carried out by mixing 10-25% of goat milk in buffalo milk to produce cheddar cheese, which developed sharp and balanced flavour within 6 months of ripening. At 15% replacement in buffalo milk, the Gouda cheese developed pronounced flavour. Mozzarella cheese can also be prepared with a blend of goat and buffalo milk at 50:50 level.

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The author is a dairy expert, specializing in the technology and microbiology of dairy foods and holds a doctoral degree in Dairy Science; for more info on milk and dairy products please visit her site A Professional Dairy Site