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Dairy Free Coconut Ice Cream

The idea is to mix virgin coconut oil with your daily cooking, meals, desserts, drinks, or whatever cuisines you like. OK, letís see what you can doÖ

Virgin coconut oil and chocolate

Try adding virgin coconut oil to your chocolate milk, or hot cocoa because they blend very well. Or, you can melt a piece of chocolate bar, add some tablespoons of virgin coconut oil and put it in your freezer for chocolate ice cubes.

Virgin coconut oil for bread toasts

If you habitually use butter for your toasts, why not altering the butter with virgin coconut oil? Add also a bit of wheylow sugar and cinnamon to achieve better taste.

Virgin coconut oil in your pudding and ice cream

Mixing virgin coconut oil with pudding is another good option. You can add some oatmeal too. Try it also in your banana ice cream. Virgin coconut oil and banana makes a good mixture.

Of course there are still plenty of ideas how to perfectly blend virgin coconut oil with your daily meal. You can mix it with coconut cream, orange juice, hot milk, or you can even use it to make popcorn!

If you use it as cooking oil, you can add some spices or herbs to make the food tastes better.

Do some experiments of your own so you and your family could have not only delicious, but also healthy food.

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