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Dairy Cow

It seems that the general consensus is that milk is good for you. From supermodels to professional athletes with milk mustaches, “milk does a body good.” But does it really?

No, it doesn’t! Milk is not meant to be consumed once we have been weaned. But we have these millions of cows around producing milk so what else are we supposed to do with all this excess milk except to pawn it off on the unknowing consumer? Milk, was created for the sole purpose of providing a newborn with quick access to nourishment to help in its development until it is ready for solid foods. Once a baby has been weaned there is no further need for milk. In fact, in all mammals, once an infant has been weaned, the mother stops producing milk. The only case where this is not true is with dairy cows that are forced to provide milk. In fact, once a calf has been weaned, a cow will not drink milk! We don’t see wolves in the wild drinking milk, nor squirrels, nor rabbits. In fact, humans are the only mammals that continue to drink milk after they have been weaned! And we don’t even drink human milk! We drink the milk from a cow! How preposterous! Why cows? Because they are large animals, docile, and they can produce lots of milk.

We could just as easily be drinking dog’s milk, or cat’s milk, or rabbit’s milk. Except that you’d need a lot of cats or rabbits to produce enough milk to pour over your cereal or to make a half-gallon of ice cream.

In fact, cow’s milk isn’t even close to human milk when it comes to ingredients. Human babies are unique in that they require large amounts of linoleic acid. Mother’s milk contains large amounts of linoleic acid. It helps baby’s brain grow and helps the baby develop. Mother’s milk has six to ten times the amount of linoleic acid! And to make matters worse, skim milk from a cow has no linoleic acid! So much for giving your baby a head start!

There are also marked difference in the protein and mineral content of mother’s milk vs. cow’s milk. Cow’s milk has much more protein than mother’s milk. This is because a calf needs to grow into a cow! A human baby needs to grow into a toddler, not a cow! In fact, cow’s milk has three to four times more protein than a human baby needs. Cow’s milk also have five to seven times more minerals than mother’s milk. Again, that little calf needs to grow into a healthy cow or steer. Our little babies only need to grow into little children, not big heifers!

So milk is not milk! Nature designed milk to be animal-specific. Cow’s milk is perfect for a calf to grow into a cow; cat’s milk is perfect for her little kittens; dog’s milk is just right for puppies; and of course, mother’s milk is perfectly designed for little babies.

Dean Novosat writes about health and nutrition. He has two websites and