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Dairy Cow Facts

"Great Cheese Comes from Happy Cows...Happy Cows Come From California." This is a new advertising campaign from the California dairy industry and, although not well received in other Dairy states, they are funny, fresh, have a message and that's no bull.

As an example, one commercial has a couple of cows out in a field, doing what cows do...when a pig (complete with painted on cow spots) runs up to them and starts speaking to them like he's one of the herd. At one point the pig even snorts and then says, "I mean, Moo." Two of his pig friends are looking at him and say, "There's it again... I guess everybody's got a dream." (I put the link to "Happy Cow TV" on this page)

The message for me in these commercials is that Happy Workers make a great product (in this case, cheese). For me, I have had some success with making Great Cheese! Why is that? Because I have been a "Happy Cow" and have had the great opportunity to have worked in some fantastic, positive working environments. When my cheese has been not really up to par is when I haven't been a happy cow - usually attributed to a negative working atmosphere. How can you help contribute to the "Happy Cow" movement so everyone is making great cheese? Try these "BE- Attitudes" to break down the biggest and boldest of bovine barriers:

- BE Positive! Take the outward focus and look at what's going right vs. what's going wrong.

- BE Respectful! Embrace diversity and remember that we all have something in common.

- BE a Sponge! Listen, absorb, communicate! The first step is to stop talking.

- BE a Willow! Remain flexible! Reflect and act on where you can bend and meet people.

- BE a Champion! Champion fun, laughter, and humor in the workplace.

- BE an Atmosphere! Smile, be nice, and lighten the load of those around you.

- BE Yourself! You are your best asset, today and everyday.

Live these "BE-Attitudes" for a more optimistic, confident, and change resilient life. I don't think there's ever been a time like the present to inspire, connect with those around you and to help them reach their full potential. Do you? For a free, full copy of the "Be- Attitudes", email me and I will send them to you! This isn't a dress rehearsal....laugh it up!

Charles Lutz is a retired Navy Officer with 22 years leadership experience. He served as Commanding Officer of two separate Navy Facilities and was the Director of Security for Naval District Washington, DC during September 11th, 2001. Additionally, he is adjunct faculty for two colleges where he teaches classes in leadership, teamwork, and organizational behavior. Find our more about his work at or email him at to be put on his weekly newsletter distribution.