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Dairy Cattle Online Judging

Is there a sure fire way to judge the expert status of an online article writer by the way they write their articles? Is there a way to pick out the authorities in the field, domain or industry, by their words? How can we find the experts who are only semi-good writers from the good writers who are posing as experts? Is there a way to take the number of times an article was emailed to friends, published or viewed and use that as part of the criteria, letting the readers and publishers judge?

This might perhaps be one way to secure a list of expert writers. And yet I have watched my statistics on one online article submission site and I have seen that some people pull a 100 articles in a row from my article list. If they pull them in a row and put them on various websites, then are they looking for quality or just need bulk content?

Still the website owner is choosing right? Often, I see in the middle of the night someone will pull down all the articles in a specific category only. I have 156,000 ezine article pulls now on 11,111 articles so that is quite a few.

Perhaps such statistics are a potential way to judge if expert status in online article writing has been obtained, yet, as the top online article writer on the Internet I am still somewhat skeptical of a system that might judge the expert status of a writer. After all some experts are lousy writer, but their concepts are brilliant and some great writers are not experts at all, they can simply write well enough to pose as an authority and fool the reader.

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