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Dairy Cattle Online Judging Classes

Online classes is the trend nowadays. This is done mainly with adult aged students, but in the future, students of all ages may have the opportunity to study at home with computers rather than go to traditional schools like what we are used to doing. There are several advantages and disadvantages for online classes.

Cons of taking online classes

Traditional education in a classroom setting, students can learn and socialize with their peers.

The instructor can teach students many valuable lessons of life which cannot be learned through tutorials

Younger students learn better socially and academically in a classroom.

Interaction makes it easier for them to pay focus and learn

Students can learn and develop punctuality and good study habits.

A teacher serves as a guide through education process which is a big part of life.

There is this bond between the instructor and the students which could not be built online.

Online classes are more expensive than traditional classes

Pros of taking online classes

Online classes are convenient. Allows you to deal with work, family and any other issues and still do homework at your own convenience.

No required time is spent in class. You are done when you finish your work. No extended class time is needed

Study Groups can be done online communicating through email and forums

When getting my MBA, I found it easier for me to find the time to go to class than to make myself find time to do work online. It is up to your individual needs on how you go about deciding whether or not to go to class or log on and do your work. If you are discipline, then you should probably take your classes online. If your like me and enjoy the interaction the you should definitely go to take your classes the traditional way.

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