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Find a blend of the old and the new south in Jackson, Mississippi during the beginning of October. On the state fairgrounds youíll find the Coliseum, Trade Mart and Livestock Expo Center are the main buildings dominating the landscape. The Coliseum with its highly reflective window shines like a golden beacon on visitors looking for musical entertainment, circuses, rodeos, livestock shows and just about anything else one can think to fit in the building.

The Trade Mart is one of the newer buildings on the fairgrounds and it holds most of the exciting exhibits that visitors love to check out. Look for agricultural exhibits, who one the best looking cucumber? Itís a very large building and can be easy to get lost in! The Livestock Expo Center is just what it sounds like. Itís used every week for livestock shows and is utilized three times as often during the state fair.

Like many other fairs you can enjoy many agricultural events. There are the hog judgingís, horse shows, and you can even check out the dairy barn where you can see the cows being milked on a daily basis. In the past such events as an antique car show and clogging contests have offered up lots of enjoyment to the visitors who have taken the time to come to the fair.

There is a midway with lots of rides for the kids and adults. Be careful which rides you choose to hop on though as several of them have a reputation for making riders ill. For some milder fair you might enjoy checking out the stock dog trials. Skilled dogs can compete in driving cattle, sheep, horse and mules.

Plenty of hotels in the nearby area are ready and willing to take in state fair attendees when the fair begins in October. You may have to look around for hotel with an available room since most will be filled but thereís bound to be rooms open somewhere.

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