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Dairy Cattle Judging Reasons

Even drunks, have brought forth great talents. Sober is of not much value, should we live to judge;Judging is the opposite of encouragement. It take's more than a "box of sweet chocolates", to help"the drunk"; Forest Gump, could have taught us that! Encouragement is always worth saying again,as compared to judging, to be-little or bully. You are what you say somewhat, or sing-out. Why diet,or what-not only to simply look good, to judge more.

You'll get what you want again and again maybe; But for the love of life, you'll find yourself gettinghooked on judging, and reaping what you so choose to sow; The drunk could never drink enoughbeers, after a time, if one beer equaled each one of your judgmental insults. Results will be made-uplies, and you will reap those from the drunks, you think you cured through your judgments, or worse!

Talents you could have indulged your time into instead! Don't do your work in vain, work hard and smart, with the balance of variety, that brings out others talents; Judging won't bring out much talent,and encouragements will, and have much more-so, even statistically. So please, please move-on.

Drunks will not always be able to stop completely; But leave them to do the best they can! Go outand buy something you can lock-up, and invite them over sober to learn computer, or to "GhostWrite". Anything is better than condemning or judging them. Dishing-out real love is'nt alwayseasy, but judging has more of a price to pay, even to the many, the drunk knows; You'll,drive them to drink and drive maybe too; Judging can lead them to manslaughter! Pleasequit now!

To seek out, and "Not" to divide and conquer; But let love, through encouragements of talents, withoutjealousy, nor envy; That has, and can again rob us of the best of the best, has to offer, at this time period. Having oats for brains, humbleness of heart, if that's what it takes to help feed the world,a bowl of oats daily, in the least so they too, can even in the here and now, now!; Wow! Share what,we've helped give them a chance too! Talents can be as vast as the Universe has stars, and I hope in faith, to see these "new universes" of talents, love offers somewhat now even, as we give heed, to the needs.