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Dairy Cattle Judging Pictures

In the world of literature there are two parties; those who favor the canon and those who are against a central list of best books. I would vote against because of the sheer impossible task to canonize literature. It is possible to make a top 100 list of best songs, of best actors, but it is all (sports) journalism; focused on current insight and prone to subjective influences and politics. You can end anywhere with these kinds of lists.

Judging websites as done by WJ (1) is however a honorable initiative, especially if you look at their objective: “to make internet a better place – by your judgement.”However, will they succeed in their pursuit? No, but sometimes initiatives leads to other better ones (Dan Browns’ best-seller wasn’t his first writing initiative either). They will not succeed because you can’t tell whether the influence of judging sites, will make internet a better place. People can’t already agree on the current status. What shape would you say the net (or a single site) is in? And what criteria will you use?

Another issue with judging sites is volume. You need an enormous amount of visitors, sites and judges to say something relevant. And then the question is: where do people find the time to judge others?

The best thing in my opinion -– if you want to judge sites -- is that internet is judged in a decentralized way by performance. Successful sites are not successful because some central authority told so, but just because.

Re-reading this I wonder: why do I judge here? As a reaction to someone who invites to judge?

If you would at all enter the judging business, then make sure you center it around an event; like the celebration of the “oscar”. (2)

Finally, following the laws of proper business architecture such a “website judge,” should remain neutral; a commercial site -- a dot com -- doesn't fit. To keep up appearances the judge needs to be a "dot org." Like


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