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Dairy Cattle Fun Facts

Youíll find the South Dakota State Fair in Huron each year from the end of August to the beginning of September. When you come to the fair you can take your time and spend a few days on the grounds if you are willing to go camping. Usually the fair has a special where you can pay for a full week of camping and get a passport of fun which gives a certain number of free rides in the midway. If not willing to go camping you can always stay at one of the many hotels and motels in the town. There is also a free shuttle bus for getting to and from the state fairgrounds.

A wide range of music from rock, country, bluegrass and comedy can be found on the Freedom Stage at the fair. Occasionally youíll be able to dance along with DJ mixed tributes to rock legends such as Johnny Cash and the Beatles. Acappella is also popular and audience demand often forces the fair organizers to bring in vocal groups.

Dakotaland stage offers both unique musical groups such as energetic kidís show choirs and activities that encourage audience participation in public forums and interesting presentations.

Who says older people canít rock the dance floor? Head over to the Senior Citizenís Building and enjoy live country music will watching some rootin tootiní Senior Center Line Dancing.

The South Dakota State Fair also hosts the Supreme Champion Bull and Female Competition. Each year cattle owners show off their best male and female cattle to the judges. The best cattle of each gender will receive $1000 for their owners. Later on in the show watch the 24 finalists play draw poker, (the cattle owners, not the cattle that is) for the chance to win the use of a deluxe compartment trailer for one year.

Also at the fair youíll find the kidís fish catching pond, Shortyís Hot Dog Eating Contest, BBQ Beef Cook-Off, and a Chili Challenge.

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