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Dairy Cattle Diseases

Veterinary pharmaceuticals are a very important facet of the care given to cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry. Veterinary pharmaceuticals are also used in the care of companion animals like dogs, cats, horses and birds. Besides these animals, all other animals that humans can provide care for are treated for various problems using veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Most veterinary pharmaceutical companies equip themselves with research departments that help government agencies in disease surveillance, eradication and control. Veterinary pharmaceutical companies use biomedical research and comparative pathology to diagnose diseases and investigate the causes of disease. This kind of an investigation acts as a precursor for the production of newer veterinary pharmaceutical products.

Zoos and other wildlife animal services regularly procure veterinary pharmaceuticals to maintain health and keep diseases under control.

Veterinary pharmaceuticals are subject to as many rules and regulations as pharmaceuticals meant for human consumption. Such measures are necessary in order to maintain certain environmental balances in terms of animal health and other natural resources.

Veterinary pharmaceuticals are mainly used for two purposes. The main purpose is to alleviate suffering in animals afflicted with diseases. The other use of veterinary pharmaceuticals is to improve production in a specific category of animals. Examples of this category are milk producing cattle, layer birds in the poultry industry and the like.

Indiscriminate use of chemicals to increase production results in some of the chemicals passing into products like milk and egg. The same applies to animals that are used for their meat. These products are consumed by humans and can affect health adversely if they contain harmful chemicals. Even traces of certain chemicals can prove detrimental to human health. It is the possibilities of such complications that have necessitated the enforcement of certain standards and safe practices in veterinary pharmaceuticals.

The issue that concerns most environmentalists is the contamination of water through chemicals found in animal wastes.

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