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Cardiff is one of the great cities of the UK and is definitely worth a visit. From the many shops & restaurants to the bustling nightlife & bay, there is something here for everyone. Its position is highly accessible from the M4 and has a local airport.

If your worried about an over crowded city center where no-one can move youíll be surprised by Cardiff. Itís not a big city and you can easily walk from one end of the center to the other, with plenty of side streets, shops, cafes & restaurants to keep you entertained. For a complete guide to Cardiff check out, which is full of useful information. The center is also home to the magnificent Cardiff castle & the beautiful park which are both worth a visit.

A 5 minute drive from the center is the bay. It is one of nicest in the UK, if not Europe. With great restaurants, attractions, shops & gorgeous views you should not miss it. It also has a water bus which takes you from the bay to the center regularly.

If youíre up for a more wild night out then Cardiff is the place for you to. The nightlife is bustling. Full of clubs & bars which magically change the city at night. Because of the student factor of Cardiff, the drinks are very cheap & most of the bars & clubs are free to get into. The main clubs of course do cost but are well worth the money.

In all Cardiff is well worth the visit

Check out for a complete guide to the city. Find everything you need to know to plan your visit there.

Lewis Waller is a writer from the UK