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Calcium and Weight Loss

Researchers have found that calcium and weight loss go hand in hand. It is possible that calcium may actually help to control weight as many studies have found that there is a link between the amount of calcium you consume and the weight of your body. It is suggested that it does this by increasing the amount of fat that the body converts to energy.

These studies have shown that the relationship between calcium and weight loss is that consuming between 3 and 4 servings of low fat dairy products per day can adjust the fat-burning mechanism within the body. There is a difference between the dairy products that you eat because high-fat dairy products, while they do contain calcium, will actually cause you to gain weight because of the large amounts of fat they contain.

The more calcium that is stored in a fat cell, the more cat the body will burn. When studying calcium and weight loss, the diet that contained the use of low fat dairy products produced the most promising results. The calcium seems to increase the body’s core temperature causing it to burn calories at a faster rate – thus it helps to increase the body’s metabolism.

Using calcium and a weight loss program will not produce magic results. It does change the efficiency with which the body burns up its stores of fat. It is important to combine calcium with your weight loss plan because of the need the body has for the calcium to maintain strong bones. If you are exercising or walking vigorously, you need to consume more calcium than usual in order to prevent the weakening of your muscles and bones.

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