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Byrne Dairy

There’s an old saying that the truth is hidden right in front of—or within—us. This is definitely true with Rhonda Byrne’s extraordinary book, The Secret. Whether you already walk a spiritual or metaphysical path, or are just now becoming aware that you have the power to create your life, will no doubt be equally profound. Discussions of such philosophies as the Law of Attraction are thoroughly emphasized throughout the The Secret book and DVD.

The Secret tells the story of the magical way in which Byrne connected with the teachings as well as those with whom she worked to bring her film—and this book—into being. It is a definite example of The-Secret-in-Action!

There are ten chapters in The Secret: “The Secret Revealed”, “The Secret Made Simple”; “How to Use The Secret”; “Powerful Processes”, “The Secret to Money”, “The Secret to Relationships”, “The Secret to Health”, “The Secret to the World”, “The Secret to You”, and “The Secret to Life”. At the end of each chapter, there are “Secret Summaries” which list the chapter’s highlights.

While this book provides personal stories and teachings from such illustrious persons as Jack Canfield, Marie Diamond, Dr. John Gray, Lisa Nichols, and Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Byrne also shares anecdotes from others—even children—who have contacted her to share how The Secret has made a difference in their lives. In addition to providing much to ponder, it is also an excellent workbook which provides detailed guidelines as to how to manifest the teachings. These suggestions include a daily ritual of listing what we’re grateful for, asking “The Universal Genii” to fulfill our unlimited amount of wishes, and focusing on what we have and want, rather than what we don’t have or don’t want.

I highly recommend this book, as well as the DVD, and audio CDs. No matter where you are, you'll be able to receive the inspiration of The Secret. The DVD is a fantastic movie to watch over and over to get the most benefit. The audio CDs are great for listening on your work or travel commute, and the book is a nice relaxing and easy read while enjoying your quiet time to yourself. This is definitely a secret which needs to be shared. All of The Secret mediums are available for online purchase at

Jennifer Valente is the owner and operator of The Zen Merchant of San Diego. The Zen Merchant is an Authorized Distributor of The Secret DVD, book, and CDs by Rhonda Byrne.