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Build A Successful Wisconsin Site - Part 3

Most people donít know how to design a top ranking web site about Wisconsin and you might be one of them.

Should you be one of those that donít know this I urge you to read on and we will together cover a basic site design you can use when you are building your own top ranking web site about Wisconsin.

The site design (or site layout) we will cover have been used with great success by many high ranking webmasters, some of them ranking so high in the top search engines that they have broken into the Alexa top 100,000 of all sites on the Internet.

A reason that this simple search engine optimization technique has been so successful is because it provides easy navigation for your visitors as well as an easy path to follow for the search engine spiders.

Keep in mind though that it can never be guaranteed that you ever will be able to get a top ranking web site about Wisconsin. Itís simply too many factors that play a big part when trying to optimize your Wisconsin site for the top search engines.

Here are the three steps of a simple and effective site design that could help you building or improve your top ranking web site about Wisconsin:

1. Your site is about Wisconsin and you should optimize your main page around this general keyword. This is where you introduce yourself and your site to your visitors and the top search engines.

Then you probably want to cover blue Wisconsin gadgets, red Wisconsin gadgets and green Wisconsin gadgets on your site.

2. Your main page should link to your (in this example) three second tier pages.

3. Your second tier page about blue Wisconsin gadgets should link to tier three pages about small blue Wisconsin gadget, medium Wisconsin gadgets and large Wisconsin gadgets and so on.

For your other second tier keywords you apply the same strategy and you can always add as many tier two and tier three pages as you like.

A good thing to remember when building your top ranking web site about Wisconsin is that the tier two pages are the most visited, second to the main page.

The reason why the second tier is the most visited on your top ranking web site about Wisconsin is that these pages are linked to from every other page on your site.

When using the above site design, make sure you add as many quality pages as possible and you will increase your chances to achieve a top ranking web site about Wisconsin.

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