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Alpine Dairy Goats

Alpine is considered an electronics giant. People have complete faith in goods produced by Alpine. Alpine amplifiers have also won the same trust and loyalty of users all over the world. Alpine MRP-M650 is one such Alpine product which has become quite popular with users.

Popularity can be the result of media hype and big-bucks advertising. However, if you see a company popular for long enough, it means they are doing a lot more than advertising -- They are delivering. Let's take this case study...

Amplifier Facts

The Alpine MRP-M650 has the usual high standard Alpine specifications. The Alpine MRP-M650 has the following major specifications:

Like most Alpine amplifier models, the Alpine MRP-M650 is a Class D amplifier. This means that the Alpine MRP-M650 can also be trusted to produce almost 90 to 100% efficiency.

The Alpine MRP-M650 also produces great power, in the range of 400 to 600 watts RMS.

It has some other features in the form of subsonic filter, tuned bass equalizer and variable low pass filter. .

It is designed with inbuilt STAR Topology. This performs the function of minimizing internal noise. Along with this, it also prevents ground interference.

It is based on MOSFET power supply.

The Alpine MRP-M650 also has gold plated screw terminals.

The Alpine MRP-M650 has been received with great enthusiasm all over the world. Most users have given full marks to this model. Many people have also voted it to be the best amplifier in this particular price range ($210 to $250).

The fact that this amplifier model has a wide range of applications makes it very flexible and hence popular among people. Great going Alpine -- For those raving Alpine fans!

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Chimezirim Odimba writes for CarAudioPlus.