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A New Study Reveals the Secret of Reducing Diabetes Risk in Men

Want to escape type 2 diabetes? Start eating dairy foods today!

Yes, this is what the studies conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health has revealed. The researchers kept a track on 41,000 men, who consumed large quantities of diary products, for 12 years. These men were healthy and had no record of diabetes, heart disease, or cancer.

The Harvard school also distributed questionnaires and conducted surveys on health related issues and workout sessions in order to determine whether the consumption of diary foods mitigated the risk of diabetes. They discovered that men eating dairy foods in a large amount had 9 percent less risk of getting Type 2 diabetes.

Amazing Result

Out of the 41,000 men studied, only 1200 developed diabetes. And, hold your breath, these afflicted men were reported to NOT eating two servings of low fat diary foods everyday!

This is a significant thing to note because, in America, about 41 million people have a weak tolerance to glucose, which results in an increased risk of diabetes. And it has been estimated that this intolerance towards glucose is going to increase as the Americans get older, more obese, and continue to live a sedentary life.

Dairy Products Get A Thumbs Up From Doctors!

HAVING TWO SERVINGS OF LOW FAT DAIRY FOODS DAILY LEADS TO 9 PERCENT DECREASE IN THE RISK OF DIABETES. Two servings are suggested for individuals who are not suffering from any other health problem related to diary products. And remember; the diary products have to be low fat! Further research is going to continue regarding the role of diary products in minimizing the risk of diabetes. Already, the nutrients present in dairy products have been considered to be vital for the over-all health, and with the recent study results, there is more hope from these products.

Low Fat Is The Key To Escape Diabetes

It is not just dairy products, but low fat diary products that have impressed the medical experts. They have contributed to lowering the risk of diabetes in men. It includes low fat ice-creams too. At last, you can gorge on your favorite flavor!

It is not difficult to get low fat food items today. Almost every food store has a stock of food items with the label, “low fat.” And do not think they are low in taste. It’s quite the opposite!

Check Your weight Too

Simply eating low fat diary products is not enough to ward off the risk of diabetes. You have to check out your body weight, your diet as a whole, and the level of physical activity you do daily. Remember, obese people serve as a magnet that attracts diabetes towards them!

According to a recent survey, over 16 million people are suffering from Type 2 diabetes in America alone. About 135 million people are diabetic all over the world. It is enough to make you sit up and consider your lifestyle seriously – is it healthy?

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