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Being a state in the western part of the USA, Wyoming is known to be one of the best places to go for vacations, hiking, snowmobiling, hunting, and of course, fishing! A lot of people carefully plan to visit the state and get prepared to indulge in different hobbies whether from simple relaxation to any sport such as game fishing.

Wyoming is blessed with numerous lakes (4,200 beautiful lakes). These lakes are composed of over 300,000 acres or approximately 1,300 square kilometers of bodies of water. In addition to this, the state has an estimated 27,000 miles or approximately 43,000 kilometers of fishable rivers. It has almost 78 species of game and non-game fish.

The walleye is one of the interesting species that most anglers seek. However, it isn't that easy to catch it as its location is an important consideration. You have to be well oriented of the seasons where it is most prominent.

Mostly, the early season is the best time to catch a walleye. It is often told that a lake has to be understood because it has its own characteristics. Most walleye fish prefer little natural lakes rather than moving bodies of river water.

Take note of large sand flats. Most walleye spread out on these areas especially during the month of May. They lie freely on the top of the sand. This is due to their post offspring transition where most male walleye prefer to stay and feed on the site where they've actually spawned.

Considering this shallow sand setting, you have to be specific with your rig. The most chosen rig in this case is the live bait. The particular distance between any weight and your bait is often dictated by water clarity. Clear water lakes require around six to eight feet when we speak of hooks and sinkers. If the water is stained, you will need 30 inches between weights and baits.

As you can spot a group of walleye in the sand (which is mostly the case), try to tip the jig with any small fish. Some prefer minnows. Using a stand up head, let the jig rest on intermittently so that it can trigger bites as you start moving the jig again.

Another attractive spots for Wyoming walleye fishing are lakes with profound vegetation. Emerging weeds are very attractive for these fish. Look up for regions that are hard bottomed as these frequently have good weed flats. But this isn't applicable for early seasons which are considered to be low light periods. Weeds at this particular time of the year aren't well established.

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