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Contest For Dairy Cattle

Want to let the world know about your pet?

Entering pet photography contests is a great way to promote your pet. By submitting your pet pictures to a pet photography contest, you will have a chance of getting your pet photos published. Here are 3 online contests run by reputable websites.

The Dog Guide (

The Dog Guide, a popular dog site, recently started a monthly dog picture contest. I like the Dog Guide's contest because they make it easy to submit your pictures. All you have to do is send a description of your dog and 3 pictures to

At the end of the month, they will choose the top 3 dog pictures. First place will get $30, second place $20, and third place $10.

Cats Central (

If you own a cat, consider entering your best cat picture in the Cats Central picture contest. Cats Central does not pay the winners of their contest. However, if you win, you will get bragging rights as Cats Central will publish your picture on their contest web page.

To enter this contest, email your best cat photos to Don't forget to include a description about your cat.

Pet Contest (

Check out Pet Contest if you have other kinds of pets. Pet Contest allow anyone to submit pictures of birds, reptiles, horses, pigs, fish, and other pets.

To enter their pet photography contest, go to their site and click on the "enter the contest" link. You will have to fill out a form with your personal information and your pet's information. On the next page, you can upload your pet picture.

Learn more about The Dog Guide's dog photo contest.